Hirschbach Wellness Department: We are 'All In To Your Health'

March 7, 2018

Welcome to the Wellness Department at Hirschbach. First and foremost, we want to express our gratitude for all the drivers at Hirschbach; without you, we would not be in existence. One of the ways we are trying to express our gratitude is by providing you a variety of wellness offerings giving you the opportunity to get healthy, be healthy or stay healthy. We know that being healthy on the road is a challenge. We also know it is not only possible, it’s essential. When you are healthy, you are safer, more productive and happier.Wellness Team.jpg

Hirschbach launched its wellness department in January of 2016. Our mission and vision is to create the healthiest trucking company in America, and to change the belief of drivers as a community around their health and wellbeing. We are “ALL IN” To Your Health. After taking 28 drivers through a holistic wellness coaching program, we received a lot of feedback of what works and what doesn’t while on the road. With that said, all 28 drivers had significant health improvements, including some drivers quitting smoking, and a few drivers losing over 40 pounds in less than 5 months.

In 2017, we tweaked the program based on feedback from the drivers, and took 100 new drivers through the holistic coaching program. We are pleased to say that 87% of the drivers that have been through the coaching have had significant health improvements. Our program is holistic in that we care about you, the whole person; not just what you eat, and how you exercise. We have taken all the factors that improve quality of life as well as fight the leading causes of premature death and illness (cancer, diabetes, heart disease and dementia). We help you to find ways to improve energy, mobility, relationships, sleep, and more, so that you are feeling your best while on the road, and when you are home.

Driver Success.jpgSome of the ways we are offering opportunities for wellness include a Driver Wellness section on your Hirschbach Driver App, a Holistic Wellness Coaching Program, and the Healthy Hirschbachers Facebook Group. The Wellness Section on the Driver App includes tons of videos, downloadable health sheets with recipes, meal plans, grocery lists, plus downloadable meditation audios that help with sleep, stress, weight loss, and smoking cessation. The Holistic Wellness Coaching Program is available for drivers that want guidance, support and accountability. The most recent addition is the Healthy Hirschbachers Group on Facebook that was previously introcduced in this blog post.Wellness Section.jpg

A recent and exciting offering is the Healthy Driver section in each of our terminal stores - East Dubuque, Denton and Mableton - which give you easy access to health products. One of the challenges to developing a healthy lifestyle, is lack of ease and simplicity. By making the top-rated health products available to you right in each of our terminals, we are making it easier and simpler for you to live a healthy lifestyle on the road. Products in inventory include ultrahigh quality vitamins, meal replacement shakes, GlucoControl to manage insulin sensitivity, clean energy drinks, as well as Magic Bullet blenders, mini-steppers for cardio, exercise bands and more.

We are here for you on your journey to better health. With some simple small changes, you can improve your sleep, your mental clarity, your mood, and reduce your stress. You are worth it.  

Picture of Sergio Rojas

Written by Sergio Rojas

FAFS, CSCS, CNS - Director of Wellness for Hirschbach


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