What is the DAB?

June 17, 2022

Maybe you’ve heard DAB mentioned in a fleet message or a social media post. Maybe you’ve asked yourself or someone else – what the heck is DAB? Wonder no longer, we are here to discuss the DAB – or the Driver Advisory Board.

At its core, the Driver Advisory Board is exactly what the name implies – a group of drivers that

advises Hirschbach on issues or challenges that members of the driving fleet are experiencing and collaborates on the best ways to fix. DAB members also help with the testing and feedback of potential new technologies for the driving fleet.

The DAB is made up of drivers with a mix of tenure – at least a year or more – and that have achieved any level of the Best of the Best list. They also represent the different fleets like Over the Road, Dedicated and Teams, and driver types like company, independent contractors, and owner operators. With tenure and a proven record of success at Hirschbach, the DAB members are in a position to help mentor and direct members of our driving fleet that aren’t sure where to go for help. Many of the DAB members are very active in the Facebook groups for Hirschbach drivers, and others have built relationships offline. All are willing to help with a phone call or text.

Ultimately, the goal of the Driver Advisory Board is to help Hirschbach be the best company out there. All members of the team are invested in creating positive changes and improvements for the driving fleet and the company. In addition, the DAB acts as a liaison in the communication process both to and from the management team and driving fleet on the changes they are working on.

Each year members are added to the Driver Advisory Board for a 3-year term. As members complete their terms, new members will take their place and join the currently serving DAB members. This allows a rolling board tenure and continuity throughout the collaboration process.

The Driver Advisory Board meets each year for at least two in person meetings and two virtual meetings with a goal of meeting quarterly. Prior to the largest meeting in July, the Hirschbach management asks the DAB members to talk with members of the driver fleet to compile a list of the most important issues and challenges they are facing. At the meeting, the list is compiled and together the Hirschbach management team and DAB narrow the focus to the top 3-5 things they want to get accomplished. Everyone divides into groups comprised of management and DAB members, and they create a game plan for tackling their issue.

In addition to the management team and DAB members, vendors of the company are also invited to attend meetings. Vendor presence at the meeting helps them understand what drivers really need or want from their products. The Driver Advisory Board meetings allow for a great forum to share information with feedback from critical parties.

DAB members aren’t union representatives, but their involvement with the Driver Advisory Board allows for a deeper understanding of the inner workings of the company and help them provide insight for drivers that need assistance with something. They are the people that help bring issues impacting the driver fleet to the forefront and work to make a positive impact for the fleet.

Picture of Bianca Sanchez

Written by Bianca Sanchez

Marketing and Social Media Manager for Hirschbach Motor Lines


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