Hirschbach Welcomes New Chief Maintenance Officer - Fred Staugh

June 15, 2022

Fred StaughPlease join us in welcoming Fred Staugh as our new Chief Maintenance Officer.  Fred is recognized as one of our industry's top maintenance leaders.  Over the past 20 years he’s been responsible for buying, maintaining, and selling trucks and trailers for CRST (6,000 trucks & 18,000 trailers) and JB Hunt Dedicated (9,000 trucks & 25,000 trailers) as well as fuel sourcing/ management & facilities.  Fred was recently recognized by Heavy Duty Trucking as one of this year’s Fleet Innovators. This a great quote about Fred from the article that is included below  “he looks for solutions that are a “trifecta,” or a “win all the way around” from a safety perspective, from a driver comfort perspective, and an economic, or fuel consumption, perspective.”

Fred will report to Brad Pinchuk and work very closely with Dan Wallace (Hirschbach OTR & Dedicated fleets), Danny Christner (JCT), and John Kalb (Spot).  His responsibilities, as they have in the past 20 years, will include the buying, maintaining, and selling of all equipment throughout the organization(s) as well as the fuel and facility management. 

Fred and his wife Patti will be moving to Dubuque this summer.  They enjoy golfing, spending time with their family in Texas, and going to concerts (big G&R fans!)

HDT 2022 Truck Fleet Innovators Article >>


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