Reasons to Take Your Dog with You on the Road

March 11, 2020

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When thinking about your health while out on the road, your mind may go to eating healthier or fitting in more workouts. While these are both important factors to your health, there are other ways to stay healthy on the road.

Having some emotional support from your pet can go a long way when you’re, well, driving a long way. This is why Hirschbach has a pet policy for its truck drivers.

Here are some benefits to trucking with your pets:

  1. Stay calm

Having your best buddy with you on the road can help keep you calm if you get stuck in traffic or hit bad weather. You’ll have a constant companion with you so you don’t get lonely out on the road.

  1. Reduce driver fatigue

Dogs can help keep you from pushing yourself too hard. Your dog will need to take breaks, and in turn, you get one, too. Added Benefit - when you get out there and exercise your dog, you also get out there and get some extra movement too!

  1. Have extra motivation

Having your pet with you gives you extra motivation to stay safe and an extra layer of responsibility when you’re out there.

Are you considering bringing a pet with you? Here are some factors to consider when you take your dog out on the road with you:

  1. If your pet rides in the passenger seat, make use of a harness or some other way to secure your animal to keep them safe.
  2. When getting out of the truck, leash your dog so he/she doesn’t run away.
  3. Keep your dog well-hydrated on the road. When grabbing yourself a water at the truck stop, make sure you have supplies for your little buddy too!
  4. Take bathroom breaks as needed.
  5. Bring along toys and treats so they do not get bored.

Rules on the Road for Hirschbach pets include:

  • Only cats or dogs are permitted and cannot exceed 50 pounds.
  • The pet cannot interfere with business.
  • Driver responsible for any and all repairs or cleaning due to pet.
  • Pet must be up-to-date on vaccinations.

To learn more regulations and rules about the driver pet program, please contact your driver manager or a recruiter (402-404-2018).

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