5 Reasons to Be a Team Driver

May 26, 2022

Team Driver Reasons

One of the biggest benefits of being a driver for Hirschbach is that you have options. Like the thought of hitting the road by yourself? Be a solo driver.

Or have you never considered being a driver because it seems lonely? Have a spouse or friend you wish you could spend more time with? You can be a team driver.

Team driving is when two truck drivers make runs together on the same carrier. This allows for the haul to always keep moving because when one driver takes a break, the other takes over.

Here are 5 reasons to be a team driver for Hirschbach:

  1. More Money: Teams get a $3,200/week minimum pay incentive. That’s $1,600/week per driver just for being a team driver.
  2. Companionship: One of the hardest parts of being a driver is that you are away from your loved ones. Well, with team driving, you can work side-by-side with your loved ones and hit the road together.
  3. Safer and More Efficient: Solo drivers may find themselves racing against the clock to meet a time limit and safety regulations. With team driving, there is no need to break safety rules to meet a deadline because you have a partner there with you who can take the wheel.
  4. Team Freight is Always in Demand: Because team driving is safer and more efficient, it’s always in demand.
  5. You Get $1,200 When you Refer Your Own Teammate: When you refer a teammate you also get $1,200 referral bonus after they are hired (paid out on settlement following referral being seated). Your teammate will get a $1,000 Orientation Completion incentive, and a $10,000 sign-on incentive (incentives are subject to change in the future).

Are you not yet convinced team driving is for you? Hear Directly from Team Drivers

Christina Benedetti and Jeff Choats have been driving for Hirschbach for two years and have enjoyed their time on the road.

“The miles are good. The DMs are fantastic,” said Christina.

“We bring in twice the paycheck,” Jeff added.

“Yes, we do,” said Christina. “My DM is the most amazing man I’ve ever met. He gets us a ton of miles. He is super kind and will always help us if we have a problem. And he always gets us home on time. Without a question. He will move heaven and Earth to get us home on time, which is sweet because we stay out a long, long time.”

Jeff added that it does not matter who you talk to at Hirschbach, everyone is helpful and gets you what you need.

Are you interested in being a team driver for Hirschbach? Call 402-404-2018 or learn more here.

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Written by Bianca Sanchez

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