3 Simple Steps to Getting Your Class A CDL

December 28, 2021

gett your class a cdl in 3 easy stepsBecoming a Truck Driver Just Got Easier 

How long have you been picturing yourself hitting the open road, sitting behind the wheel of a big shiny truck? Well, we’re making it easier for you to make it happen. If you want to become a truck driver, getting your Class A CDL is simple with our training program. The Hirschbach Motor Lines training program is designed to help future-truckers get their foot in the door and start driving sooner.  

Find out more about getting started with Hirschbach here: Class A CDL Training Program 

3 Simple Steps to Getting Your Class-A 

With Hirschbach’s training program you will be on the road and driving your dream in a matter of weeks. 

STEP 1 The Basics 

Get started with Hirschbach Basics as a student in our onsite CDL Training Program. This program is a 4-week onsite experience. You are paid for training, plus we pay for food and lodging. Yes... We Pay for Food and Lodging and you get paid in Phase 1 of the program. 

Step 2 On-Ramp 

By Phase 2 you’ve got your new CDL. Now we’ll get you on the road. It’s just that fast. Move into Hirschbach On-Ramp program and start moving freight with a certified driver trainer by your side in this 6-week, on-the-job training phase. 

Step 3 Get on the Road 

Ready to leave trainee status behind? It is time to run solo or team (depending on 
account). Now you are a truck driver. And Hirschbach performance coaches stick with you to help you succeed in your new career. 

Starting A New Career 

It’s a great time to become a truck driver and whether you want to become a company driver for life or build a career and strike out on your own as an independent driver, we want to help. Hirschbach opportunities include Over the Road and Dedicated fleets as a company solo driver or team--or you can lease and become independent.  

In a recent interview, one of our drivers talked about how she had been living paycheck-to-paycheck when she started Hirschbach’s training program. The fact that Hirschbach lets drivers get paid while they train made it possible for Jeriann Beavers to become a driver. 

“Being able to work while I trained and get paid took a lot of stress off,” said Jeriann. “I could send money home and still pay bills and everything. That really made it possible for me to leave my wife at home to take care of our pets while I was away at training. We were living paycheck-to-paycheck at the time so I wouldn’t have been able to do it if I had to take a month off work.” 

Jeriann started training in May 2021. She’s been driving solo since August 2021. Now she’s able to save money and she’s working on buying a house. 

No Out-of-Pocket Cost 

Our program is not only designed to make it easier, it’s also designed to make it more affordable for you to realize your dream of becoming a truck driver. If you work with Hirschbach while you're training, you get paid to learn. 


Ready to grab the keys to your own truck and go drive your dream? Your first step is a click away. 


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Written by Bianca Sanchez

Marketing and Social Media Manager for Hirschbach Motor Lines


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